My favorite Aloe Vera Beauty and Health Products

My tooth gel

I tried many kinds of toothpaste, the regular one that you can buy in the regular store, they are all good.


The only thing is my gums are prone to sores. I felt I lack vitamin C all the time.  I grew up in a warm country  where our parents made our own candies from cacao and coconut, sometimes from fresh fruits like guyabano. My mother used to make lots of candies from our natural source fruits with brown sugar cane.  I was scared with dentist all those years. Dentists visited our school regularly and checked all the children’s teeth. I used to  hide at my mom’s classroom.

I guess that’s one of the cause that I need to find a good toothpaste for myself when I grow up.  I tried the expensive one that is really for sensitive teeth, it helps but in my experience there is nothing better the toothpaste I am using recently.  These is the article I found about it…I use this toothpaste since I had a root canal and bridge of my teeth, I feel comfortable and fresh  with this tooth gel.

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aloe Bright toothgel, its worth trying for fresh breath and gum care..check out this link: find it in the shop now ( don’t need to shop , just check out the product), then click your country then navigate in the personal care, you will find it there…. no harm in asking research..

It’s not only because I am one of the smart consumer but I am meticulous when it comes for my health, of course , why not, it’s my body, it’s my self, not anyone else’s body..I decide for what I want to use for my skin, I don’t really listen easily to ads in the media, no hurt feeling, I try to research and read labels, read ingredients when I buy something for myself, because I am responsible for my health, in short I am responsible for my hygiene, I am responsible for myself. I take control of everything I put in my mouth, as much as possible, I am aware what is it, unless, I  am in desperate mood, or in depression , I might not be able to see, as long my mind functions well, I can still judge what are those things are, are they useful for me, or not…it’s like that…

YOU ARE responsible of your self, right ? I think everybody has to make choices even just about toothpaste. It is very personal, it is part of hygiene .

My best friend has another brand. I didn’t encourage her to use my toothpaste when we went on a trip, she tried mine because hers is finished,since then she liked it and tell all her family how she liked it, and how she sees improvements in her teeth and gums.. she used to go to her dentist for scheduled whitening of her teeth, now, seems she don’t. Sometimes, it happens like that, friends discover why we look vibrant and energetic, then they ask..

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful day to all of you.

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