Choosing your best aloe vera products



Some important things you need to look out for when choosing your Aloe Vera products in order to enjoy all the benefits of ‘true’ Aloe Vera!

Due to the ever increasing popularity of Aloe Vera, demand for Aloe Vera

Products has inevitably led to the introduction of poor quality products to the market. These sorts of products tend to contain much less Aloe Vera as a percentage by volume. The marketing behind this type of lower quality products usually rides on the back of the extensive and positive publicity of the effects of high quality Aloe Vera. Unfortunately the huge disparity in quality, efficacy, purity, and potency between the different product brands of Aloe Vera is not always obvious.

To be sure that you are putting the power of ‘true’ Aloe Vera to work on your behalf, before buying any Aloe Vera product, check to make sure it is a product high in Aloe Vera content, with Aloe Vera appearing as the first item listed on the ingredients panel. The law requires that the ingredients on the label must be listed by volume with the highest volume content item listed first.

You should also make sure that the product carries the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) seal of approval. The IASC is an independent regulatory body which monitors the quantity of Aloe Vera in the products.

If their Seal of Approval actually appears on the container of the product and is not just an advertising claim, then the product is a genuine Aloe Vera one. The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera Industry world-wide.

When choosing your Aloe Vera product, ensure that only cold processed inner leaf Aloe Vera is used (not reconstituted). As a general rule, a product that includes “Aloe Vera extract” or “reconstituted Aloe Vera” is likely to be less potent than a pure -more than 98% -Aloe Vera product.

In the over the counter , we will see in Natural Health Store, there are several products of aloe vera where they reconstituted it with different flavor .  The manufacturer can say 100% pure ( the meaning of it is 100% pure 10% of aloe vera only, perhaps the rest of the ingredients are citric acid and purified water.  The 10% on it is pure anyway.

In order for us to ensure the quality and pureness of the aloe vera products, look at the label first, check what is the FIRST INGREDIENTS, and of course some little preservatives from plants or fruits to ensure the lifespan of the products in the shelves.  In my own opinion we cannot make it no preservatives because it will  stay in a short period of time. Preservative helps the quality of the products in its life span in the store.

Imagine the apple or banana when you open it, and leave it on the table for  more than an hour or a day, what will happen? it oxidized for sure, same thing with aloe vera. aloe vera is a plant. After we cut it and take the fillet of aloe vera, it will surely remain its quality , but the benefits of it oxidized too.

The company Forever Living Products, preserved the freshness of aloe vera by stabilization process.

I can imagine in my younger days, we, harvest the fruits from the tree like sour soap, or guyabano, we harvested when it is ripen already and eat it in couple of hours prepared by my mother mixed with ice and some milk as dessert. Or we harvest the guava from the tree when it is yellow, meaning ready to eat, in that way we got all the bioflavonoids of the fruits.

With aloe vera, there are many kinds of species , and there are only few are edible to be consume by human, read more

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