Discover FLP, My favorite Aloe Vera Beauty and Health Products


I started to learned about FLP many years about late 90’s.  My journey starts now 

Actually started when I became a Recognized Manager of Forever Living Products . We used to be called Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products.  About 2016 we are officially called Independent Forever Business Owner or FBO. If it is new to you the name FBO, that’s it, it is FBO of Forever Living Products. 

In this blog website, I shall continue to share my experiences or my journey with Forever Living Products as an Independent Forever Business Owner.

Forever_Cover 2-X3 (1)You will get many information about the company in entire internet.  What would like to share with you is my experiences and my journey .

You may bombarded with all the MLM in the social media. There are so many , and I’ve been with some. I have chosen Forever Living Products not only because I am in love with aloe vera products and it is because I’ve experienced amazing benefits of aloe vera of Forever Living since a use the products in regular basis.

When I started my journey, we experienced ups and downs and so many kinds of business politics. Upon my thorough research and careful analysis with the WORK at HOME Network Marketing Business or MLM, the best choice is FLP. There are tons of reasons if you would like to learn more.

Learning is one of the important thing before making a real decision.  At first, I liked the products, then , it became easy for me to tell my friends and relatives.  As my first experience with the business, I bug all my friends. some of them run away from me. Of course I understand, they are not for this thing, I was not able to be good in my lines of convincing because I did not have enough experiences with the products.  After few years, some of them approached me and convinced to try.  Some team members joined thinking to become rich. These team members are the ones who gave up and totally stopped and disappear in the business. First of all these kinds  have no patience to learn, they wanted to do short cut. I noticed , people who love to do short-cut, are the ones who failed in the first place.

When I decided to become Independent Forever Business Owner, I confronted myself of the challenges many times. first I decided to be a student and I accepted to be a lifelong student.

I love this quote….


So I decided to change my thinking to enjoy my journey with Forever Living Products.


To become a RECOGNIZED MANAGER is just a start of the JOURNEY.  THE NEXT CHAPTER  is more work.





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