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How I discover FLP

First, I was kind of sceptical to share to the world my story because I was kind of private person not really social. I realized I have to share to anyone of you how grateful I am for my decision to be a member of this company. It was all started with my health problems, in short, I have so many health issues to address.

It is not our fault when we were born weak and sick of whatever. In my case, I tried to understand my health history every time I am ready to see a Doctor Often time I relate my health history so the Doctor can have an overview.  I learned from young age as 16 years old because I was in and out of clinics. Either I got anaemia, respiratory problems, skin problems and often my monthly period has made me suffer a lot. I think you have an idea about the weak reproductive system. Very lucky to have two gifted children.

When I took a serious decision to use, consume regularly the products of FLP 

changes started. I noticed the improvement of my health in general, my skin, was one of the issue, very problematic pigmentation, (sun burn, chemical burn ) in my face was like a map of North America.

ForeverLivingProducts SKIN Care I am use regularly


Look at me in the past, I was not comfortable in my skin , it needed lots of

cosmetics to cover the damage in my face, and one thing, I look older!


After I regularly use the FLPSkinCareProducts

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Our Skin varies from one person to another. It depends on our genes, our ethnicity. Environment and lifestyle are just one of the factors affect our skin.

Back to my story, I was desperate to find the solution of my skin problems and other health issues. I started with just aloe vera gel ( the drinks ), followed by other nutritional products.

As a consumer at that time of struggle of change, I also slowly changed my diet and my lifestyle. I chose to work at home and I find more time for myself. I avoided the rush in the morning and the traffic, skipping meals and I got more time to learn many other things about Nutrition, healthy recipe and so on and so forth. In short, I made myself a student again. I realized how important the knowledge. As time goes after I used most of the FLP products, more improvement in my health.  Of course, I exercise nowadays. I always try to have at least 2 to 3 times a week for my fitness regime. It is simple as that but hard to do because of the need to manage time for everything I do for family ( my two young adult children, my granddaughter and my work as a self-employed.

As a single mother, I cannot really say it is hard, but lots of challenges when it comes to decision.  ( I say single because after I divorce I never marry again) ♥

When we sit down with a cup of hot chocolate or with a smoothie, I will tell you more, or when have time to chat on FACEBOOK.


To be continued…..



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