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Finding my True skin care



Its about three months now that I am using Infinite by Forever. The word INFINITE is quite familiar when it was launched by FLP the New skin care product called INFINITE by FOREVER. I was like thinking, why the word infinite?, it is already use by many company in their skin care.  Finally when I started the glow of my face, I understand why the company choose the INFINITE as the name.

This is not the infinite that you hear from somewhere else. What I would like to share to all of you is about my self learning about skin care and what is really good for me or for you.

I used so many kinds of skin care even from other company before I became loyal to all these ALOE VERA SKIN CARE of FLP.  I am just an ordinary single mother, grandmother, who used to work in health care and love to do adventure.  Not to tell my long story, my skin was sun damaged, chemically damaged and it leaves a lot of scar that a woman will prostrate to look all the time. If you are type of woman who has tan or darker brown skin, you will be thinking maybe , you have some natural sun protection. In my case, I did not have the knowledge of what should be the right skin care for me and what were the best ones for me under the sun or just for skin care. I knew nothing at all. until I got a very obvious skin care problems in my face and in other parts of my body.  It came out strongly in my 40’s.  I thought it was part of hormone imbalance or pre-menopause thing.

When I started seriously with Forever Living, I got the opportunity to use many products especially when I became recognized Manager.

Lately I have this excitement with Infinite by Forever.

Infinite Skin Care

When it launched , it was not available in my country.  It was so fortunate a friend bought it for me when they went to USA.  As you know the main office of Forever Living is in USA. When new product is launched, always they have the stock.

I got the whole set . Just one week of use, the results is incredible, people noticed the glow. I finally said to myself, this is the kind of skin care I want.

To satisfy more , I read all the ingredients of these skin care, and all I can say these are the best for my skin now that I am approaching the mid 50’s .

The induce menopause scares me that happened to me many years ago. I accept the facts and the consequences and I can say I am managing well.

This is my story I can share with you. If you want to contact me and see some of my pictures, you can see some in my facebook .

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