Hello everyone. I am a mother, a grand-mother, a home maker and a friend.  After sometime searching  for work at home, I ended up to be a  learner and a student of Network Marketing.  Actually it’s not easy. Network marketing is a world like Jungle.


it is me , during my adventure at Grand Canyon
Actually, I am like in the huge Jungle, or I would rather say, I am like in a big ocean , where all the sharks , blue whale waiting to be my friend or want to play with me! hahahah. Seriously its fun, its like  a children’s game  crafted in the internet. Somehow, being in this Jungle, I am learning how to survive and starting to learn many things. I go out of my comfort zone of my comfortable likes with arts, music, and photography and travel.  I found out here in this “Jungle”, there is so much to learn and so much surprises that sometimes,  good surprises !  So much challenge. 

One thing I know, is real work, real income, real compensation and this is my real part time that is worth spending time for life.

I am learning also many things in moderation in the world of technology where at my late mid crisis age is out of the line.

Most of our ages liked much is enjoying life with travel and family, and women like me, are mostly in the kitchen where  used to love  to do skills like crochet, sewing and mending the necessary things to save at home..Wow. ..

I am in the modern Jungle!  , it’s a lot of lifelong challenge here!  

Anyhow, I love sharing, telling honest stories, sharing real benefits of the products that I already used . I would like to share too some experiences , adventures of my life along the way and some lovely history in my childhood.

 IN Health and Wellness world, I am learning and a lifelong student. 

Anyway Guys, Welcome  and let’s enjoy sharing!    – Ncl


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