Anti Aging , what do I know about it

20170706_150043 (2)ANTI AGING , what do you know about it

Anywhere in the world, many men and women are aware of the care of their skin . With our modern technology and social media information, so many are bombarded with all the adds everywhere in our social media.  The thing is – are we aware of the ingredients of the products that we put in our skin? Are we the type who is concern only for the price?, what about the quality? We often look at the over the counter all the beautiful and colorful appealing products. What comes in our mind?

  • Best ant- aging
  • quality organic ingredients
  • science and nature combined ingredients
  • Big discounts and reduction of price
  • Promotional products?
  • The first ingredients is_______???
  • Familiarity?
  • Lowest priced skin care
  • New improved ingredients?

What else you could see?

Let me tell you, I was pretty much like that when I was young. But our products in my time in the early or late 1980’s , I heard only from the TV commercials and when I visited the stores, I took time to read the ingredients, since I was studying chemistry , I got curious of the combination of science and nature, but was not really a priority . Still on those times, is according to my wallet, or according to what I afford.

Luckily, I got involved with this company – forever living products. It is the start; I learn many things about anti-aging, personal skin care, home care products, natural supplements and many more.  Proud to be part of the FBO, it is not the supplemental income but the knowledge I keep updating with new ingredients combined with nature and science is very interesting and rewarding.

Skin care can be varied depending on seasons. IN which I experienced that is always better to vary he skin care from summer to winter.

For summer, I wear less, and often clean my face with just ph-balance soap.

Being a busy Mom doing all the multi-tasking, it is sometimes hard to take time for self just for the skin care routine, but when you develop the habit of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, you will get uncomfortable if you miss a day or night with your daily favorite skin care routine.

Finding the best anti – aging is not really to be relied on the experts. The expert is you.  Professionals for skin help a lot when we have real trouble or problem in the skin. You know yourself better than anyone. You observed since young age what gave you trouble and what makes you feel good.  We often influence by our parents, friends, and relatives or just plainly by very attractive advertising.

These factors we consider in evaluating our skin

  • genes
  • environment
  • lifestyle
  • food choices

(If I miss to mention something, let me know, please share your knowledge. It is very much appreciated.)

Different season, different skin care! YES!

I vary my skin care depending on seasons.  I started learning about it after few years consistently using one brand to my chemically, sun damage skin in my face. Imagine I cannot go out without make up, and it became worse when I reached the perimenopause stage and the premier stage of induced menopause ( long story). It was like a map of North America in my face – kind of pigmentation. I spend thousands of dollars to find the solution to recover of what I used to have. It took time and lot of patients.

Under the sun , I am not so worried anymore, as long as not long enough to be under the sun. When extreme hot and humid season, umbrella is useful but feel awkward because very few are using umbrella during summer. A yearly and regular check with dermatologist for whatever issues in the skin will be prevented. Normally dermatologist gives advice like put some SPF 30 at least in how warm summer – sun exposure.

The sun is not really a problem as long not over exposure.

I think there is no such best anti- aging unless your skin are well nourish inside and out. One factor I consider is balance your lifestyle, have enough sleep, more clean water intake especially in warm humid season.  At least just clean drinking water helps for overall health of your skin. Keep hydrated. Of course eat balance and more nutritious food. We heard often ” you are what you eat”. I am not sure this makes sense to everybody, but, I feel it make a real difference if you consider what to put in your mouth and your skin.

 My new skin care collection, including my regular skin care, anti aging skin care. These are all aloe vera base ingredients plus fruit extracts, plant botanicals  to nourish my aging  skin. At age 55, I started to be more conscious about my skin , trying to have a better look during winter, summer, spring, and Autumn . It is not because I am with this company, it is because, I used to have a very damaged skin in my early 40’s and had a multiple skin problems in my younger days. Finding the true and simple ways to take care of my skin is part of my way to love my self and imparting to you  as woman  , a single mother, a grand mother , we need somehow to look after ourselves.